About Us

BlueShield Computers Limited is an offline and online electronic store
that has been in existence since May 2008.

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Blueshield Computers has a wide range of computers, printers, supplies and accessories and aim to be a one-stop shop for quality computers, printers, phones and accessories.

Our online and offline stores are designed to ensure optimum levels of convenience and customer satisfaction, the latter which includes our lowest price guarantee, quick delivery, 3-day free return policy*, order delivery-tracking and dedicated after sales service support.

We greatly believe in customer service and are committed towards finding innovative ways of improving your shopping experience with us; so kindly take the time to give us some feedback on [email protected]

Thank you for your distinguished patronage and trusting us for your quality goods and services.


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We are BlueShield: We shield our customers from dissatisfaction and poor quality technology products. Our motto is timely delivery of quality technology devices at reduced prices with customised after sales support.
Our commitment to our customers is based on the following foundations:

B – Best Products
L – Lovely Devices
U – Unique
E – Excellent
S – Savings
H – Hot Products
I – Ingenious
E – Exquisite
L – Loved
D – Durable devices

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– We are the online technology goods store that provides authentic products at customer friendly prices with guaranteed after sales support.